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Face & Brow Lift To Nose Surgery & Ear Correction

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgeries, facial surgery attributes its immense popularity to the fact that, what you see in your mirror has a significant impact on your confidence and way of life. At Yorkshire Cosmetics, we truly understand how important looking good and confidence are to you and we are very passionate about making that transformation an enjoyable one.

Our team specialises in rejuvenating your face, allowing you to feel younger and more confident. We specialise in a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help you feel younger and rejuvenated.  

Procedures we specialise in:

buletFace Lift

Our extensive experience helps you reverse the visible effects of ageing with a range of customised face lift solutions. Creases and wrinkles that appear as the skin loses its elasticity with age are a problem for most people. These are more prominent along the lines caused when smiling and frowning. Skin laxity is also seen as jowls along the jaw line and in the neck.

Cosmetic facial surgery such as a face lift is designed to reverse the effects of ageing and provide a more natural and fresh appearance.  

buletBrow Lift

The changes impacting the skin due to ageing, such as soft tissue laxity, tend to affect the forehead as well. This leads to the eye brow beginning to “droop”, making you look tired and eventually contributing to a hooded appearance of the upper eye lid. 

Brow lift reverses ageing by lifting the eyebrow to what it was when you were a youth. This cosmetic surgery is usually performed in conjunction with Upper Blepharoplasty (upper eye-lid surgery) and/or a facelift.

buletEyelid Surgery

The gradual laxity of the skin on the upper eyelid is more noticeable on women at a much younger age than men. This is evident from the difficulty experienced when trying to smoothly apply eye makeup. 

We provide skilfully reverse the signs of ageing around your eyes by surgically removing excess fatty deposits and loose skin. Upper Blepharoplasty performed to remove excessive fatty deposits and folds of loose skin resting on the upper eyelid margin. In some cases these folds can protrude beyond the lashes, producing a heavy hooded and jaded appearance.

buletNose Surgery

The nose, being the central aspect of the face, is an important feature of your face. In the event you are unhappy with the shape and size of your nose, we can help by recommending the most suited solution for your type of face. Most common requests are for reduction in size due to a prominent profile (dorsum). Rhinoplasty is the facial surgery during which the surgeon creates an evenly proportioned nose shape and profile, which will in turn suit the other dimensions and features of the individual’s face

buletEar Correction

This surgery can be performed on adults and children. Protruding ears is a common issue for children as they tend to become self conscious due to teasing in school. Ear correction surgery helps correct & improve the undesirable appearance of prominent ears without leaving any obvious signs that surgery has taken place.

At Yorkshire Cosmetics, our entire focus is on you and you can rest assured that we will be there throughout the process from the initial consultation to post-treatment. You will never feel that you have to go through it all alone. We understand the issues what you may have and strive to make the whole experience a pleasant one.

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