Men, Not so Averse to Cosmetic Surgery Anymore

Recent studies show a significant increase in the number of men who opt for cosmetic procedures in order to enhance their appearance as well as reverse the effects of ageing. Initially, although men were open to Botox and other forms of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, they were very quiet about it. However with celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell openly stating that they’ve used cosmetic procedures, the industry saw a sudden rise in demand.

Cosmetic surgeries such as chin implants and nose jobs too have become increasingly popular. Men as young as 21 have opted for cosmetic procedures to boost their self-esteem and alter their appearances. One of the patients, aged 22, stated that he has undergone rhinoplasty [nose job], a chin implant and even Restylane fillers in his cheeks.

Men who undergo cosmetic procedures have reported significant boost in the self-confidence, outlook towards life and even work-life.

However, some men still prefer the procedures to be subtle and not very prominent. Nothing “over-the-top” they say. They want their profiles fixed slightly or cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers to make them appear young and fresh, without looking artificially made-up.

Chin implants have become increasingly popular because it helps balance the male face. As a result, we foresee more and more men joining the bandwagon and opting for cosmetic procedures.

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