Looking Younger is Possible Through Cosmetic Surgery

Studies show that undergoing cosmetic surgery with a qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon can shave off 7.2 years off your age, on average. The research conducted by plastic surgeons from the University of Toronto in Canada has determined that a person who undergoes cosmetic surgery on their face will look 7.2 years younger.

A group of medical students conducted another study that confirms you will look after younger after cosmetic surgery. They were asked to guess the ages of a 60 people between the ages of 45 and 72, using before and after surgery photos. The research was called “Perceived Age Change After Aesthetic Facial Surgical Procedures”.

The result of the study was that patients who have had several cosmetic surgery procedures on their faces were perceived to look younger.

Leading cosmetic surgeons confirm that, based on their experience, most women wanted to simply look younger as opposed to altering their appearances. The research studies discussed above are proof that this is indeed possible. Yes, surgical facial rejuvenation works!

However, you need to keep in mind that you must always opt for surgery after doing proper research on the cosmetic surgeon/clinic and following consultation.

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