Cosmetic Surgery? Here’s what you need to consider…

Cosmetic surgery is an area of plastic surgery that has seen immense increase in demand as a proven weapon to fight the effects of ageing and other aspects of your body that you may feel you are unhappy with. This article doesn’t serve to brief you on the “what’s what” of cosmetic surgery but more as an informative guide to what you should keep in mind when opting for cosmetic surgery.

It may seem tempting to jump on the bandwagon when you see the pretty faces and perfect bodies of celebrities and maybe even your friends and peers. Do NOT do so blindly. Leading cosmetic surgeons in Yorkshire urge the importance of knowing exactly what you are signing up for when it comes to cosmetic surgery. We cannot emphasize on this enough – DO NOT BE LED BY PEER PRESSURE. OPT FOR COSMETIC SURGERY ONLY IF YOU ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE PROCESS AND ARE 100% COMFORTABLE AND READY FOR IT.

We have spoken to a number of leading Yorkshire based cosmetic surgeons in compiling this article in order to answer a few basic doubts you may have prior to choosing cosmetic surgery to alter your life for the better.

Finding a surgeon

Step number one, after you have decided that you require cosmetic surgery is to find a suitable surgeon. Seek a referral from your General Practitioner (GP). GPs have a sound knowledge of the specialists in your region and will be in the best position to choose one most appropriate for you. They can also make sure any important information on your medical condition is passed to the surgeon and help care for you if you have any problems or need advice after the procedure. Besides, you will be very comfortable in working with a surgeon who comes recommended by your GP. Do not be distracted by advertisements and prices alone because if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Members of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are plastic surgeons who are on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) Specialist Register.

Checking if your cosmetic surgeon is properly qualified

Following your GP’s advice you can also look up GMC’s register as all specialists are registered with the GMC. Also, when you speaking to the cosmetic surgeon, feel free to ask him/her about the qualifications, experience, before & after photographs of surgeries done by them etc. Do not refrain from this as you feel they may be offended by such questions. No respectable surgeon minds being asked about his or her qualifications or experience. There’s also a guide by the Independent Healthcare Association, which outlines the standards cosmetic surgeons should meet.

Questions to ask your Yorkshire based Cosmetic Surgeon

§  Are the results you hope to see realistic?

  • Are there any areas of your medical history that may impact the forthcoming cosmetic surgery? Your GP too can shed light in this area
  • What will happen during the surgery process and what anaesthetic will be used?
  • How long is the down time? How long will you have to remain in the hospital as well as how long will you have to keep away from your day-to-day activities
  • Will there be any pain or any stitches and how long is the recovery time?
  • How long will the results last?
  • How much will the procedure cost and also does this cost involve after care as well?
  • What are the potential risks related to the cosmetic surgery that you seek to undergo?

This definitive guide helps you ensure that the cosmetic surgery you undergo will bring forth the best results whilst guaranteeing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you were treated by the best Cosmetic Surgeon, Yorkshire has to offer.

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