Brides Spending More on Cosmetic Procedures

It has been reported that brides today are spending more on cosmetic surgery and treatments to look great, than on their wedding dress for the bog day.

Latest studies show that one in ten women spend money on at least one cosmetic surgery or non-intrusive treatment during the days leading up to their wedding day. Botox treatment tops the non-intrusive treatments list, while the “boob job” or breast augmentation remains the most popular surgical procedure. Some leading cosmetic clinics state that their clientele consists of at least 30% women who are brides-to-be.

Experts say that while it is possible to make a relatively inexpensive dress look great by accessorising it right, hiding bad skin or teeth is not that easy. Plus cosmetic procedures give a great confidence boost to new brides on their big day.

Some of the other popular treatments are dermal fillers and hand treatments. Liposuction remains popular amongst women as well.

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