How to improve your appearance without surgery?

Not all are blessed with an impressive facial appearance. Media sources often report with regard to celebrities who have under gone plastic surgery to correct their appearances and some had ended up addicts to plastic surgery. Surgery is more expensive and complex every year and majority of patients are increasing towards non-surgical treatments that are more reliable and cost effective.

Dermal fillers are a common action to correct your facial appearance and surprisingly the procedure of it dates back to the early 1890′s. Contradicting to the artificial look you get from Plastic Surgery, Dermal fillers are proven to bring out a natural look after treatment. The most frequent material used instead of Dermal Fillers are made of natural non-animal based, stabilising transparent gel which is known as hyaluronic acid (HA), which hydrates and adds volume to your skin.

Types of Dermal Fillers

There are two types of dermal fillers used for treatment; permanent and temporary. The main permanent dermal filler used today is Silicon; however there are various temporary dermal fillers that can be used for treatment.

At your initial consultation session with your cosmetic general practitioner, you could ask the following questions so that you may be explained concerning any doubts:

  • How many of these treatments have you performed?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you regularly treat my target locations?
  • Which type of dermal filler do you recommend for me?
  • Do you have much experience injecting the product you recommend?
  • Are you able to dissolve the material if I have a bad reaction or don’t like the results?
  • Can you show me some of your before and after photos?
  • What will each syringe of filler cost?

You should avoid dermal filler treatment if one of the following are relevant:

  • History of severe allergy or anaphylaxis
  • Known bruising or bleeding disorders
  • Anticoagulant and immunosuppressant drugs
  • Pregnancy / breast feeding

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Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Give Patients Better Quality of Life

Studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) have shown that patients who have undergone liposuction and/or tummy tuck  (abdominoplasty) benefit greatly due to boost in self-esteem and better quality of life.  

April’s issue of ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’, carried details of the study that was conducted. The results of the study pave way for the conclusion that undergoing liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries give patients the best benefits in terms of quality of life, appearance and confidence. It has to be noted that these two cosmetic surgeries are popular regardless of the fact they take longer to fully heal than other cosmetic procedures. The long-term results are what patients are thrilled about!  

The research was conducted by evaluating 360 patients, out of whom 60% underwent liposuction and 35% underwent liposuction in conjunction with the tummy tuck. The remainder underwent only the tummy tuck surgery. Here are the results:

86% felt that their self-esteem improved and 70% stated their quality of life improved following surgery. It gets better. The patients were asked to rate the outcome of the respective surgery on a scale of 10. The average satisfaction level was at 9 out of 10 for liposuction patients and 8 out of 10 for tummy tuck patients. Those who underwent both cosmetic procedures gave a rating of a 9.9 out of 10 (99%) for satisfaction.        

This was one of the first studies that were conducted to assess patients’ quality of life after surgery. this is a very important factor in cosmetic surgery these days given the number of botched surgeries that take place on a fairly regular basis. 

Let us know how your life has been different after surgery, as we’d love to hear from you.

Looking Younger is Possible Through Cosmetic Surgery

Studies show that undergoing cosmetic surgery with a qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon can shave off 7.2 years off your age, on average. The research conducted by plastic surgeons from the University of Toronto in Canada has determined that a person who undergoes cosmetic surgery on their face will look 7.2 years younger.

A group of medical students conducted another study that confirms you will look after younger after cosmetic surgery. They were asked to guess the ages of a 60 people between the ages of 45 and 72, using before and after surgery photos. The research was called “Perceived Age Change After Aesthetic Facial Surgical Procedures”.

The result of the study was that patients who have had several cosmetic surgery procedures on their faces were perceived to look younger.

Leading cosmetic surgeons confirm that, based on their experience, most women wanted to simply look younger as opposed to altering their appearances. The research studies discussed above are proof that this is indeed possible. Yes, surgical facial rejuvenation works!

However, you need to keep in mind that you must always opt for surgery after doing proper research on the cosmetic surgeon/clinic and following consultation.

Men, Not so Averse to Cosmetic Surgery Anymore

Recent studies show a significant increase in the number of men who opt for cosmetic procedures in order to enhance their appearance as well as reverse the effects of ageing. Initially, although men were open to Botox and other forms of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, they were very quiet about it. However with celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell openly stating that they’ve used cosmetic procedures, the industry saw a sudden rise in demand.

Cosmetic surgeries such as chin implants and nose jobs too have become increasingly popular. Men as young as 21 have opted for cosmetic procedures to boost their self-esteem and alter their appearances. One of the patients, aged 22, stated that he has undergone rhinoplasty [nose job], a chin implant and even Restylane fillers in his cheeks.

Men who undergo cosmetic procedures have reported significant boost in the self-confidence, outlook towards life and even work-life.

However, some men still prefer the procedures to be subtle and not very prominent. Nothing “over-the-top” they say. They want their profiles fixed slightly or cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers to make them appear young and fresh, without looking artificially made-up.

Chin implants have become increasingly popular because it helps balance the male face. As a result, we foresee more and more men joining the bandwagon and opting for cosmetic procedures.

The Days Leading up to Your Breast Surgery Date

In the event you are unhappy with the size of your breasts or if you feel that they are not
balanced, you may opt for Breast surgery Yorkshire to rectify the issue. This will help you
feel comfortable with your body and boost your confidence levels. You will feel that your
clothes fit better and your overall body looks great and proportionate.

Once you have made the decision to go in for breast surgery Yorkshire, your first
responsibility is to seek the services of a well-qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon in
your locality. Based on the initial consultation he will advice you on your size and balance
expectations, before and after care etc and schedule a mutually convenient date for your

1. Quit smoking – This is a very important step you need to take as smoking may hamper
with your recovery (post-surgery) and cause complications that could otherwise be avoided.

2. Update your surgeon on all details of your medical history – This would include your
medical history, full information about all medications you have been taking and allergies. If
the need arises, you can even speak to your GP to liaise with the cosmetic surgeon so that the latter is fully up-to-date on your condition.

3. Go shopping – Do not get too excited. You are not going on fun, shop till you drop
expedition. We have a “must-buy” list of items that will prepare you for the post-surgery
period. Antibacterial soap, dressing and gauze, thermometer (in case you don’t already own one) and easy-to-cook/prepare food items. your cosmetic surgeon will also arm you with a prescription for pain and after-care medications. Ensure you have adequate stocks of all these items to avoid last minute rush.

4. Clean, clean, clean – Your house should be thoroughly cleaned and also ensure you have adequate clean clothes and sheets as well.

5. Get help – Make arrangements with a close friend, spouse or family member to be with
you for at least 48 hours following surgery. They need to be at hand to help you with your
usual activities as well as with getting up and lying down etc.

6. Focus on your personal hygiene – Your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe a self-care routine that will include details about scrubbing yourself with anti-bacterial soap etc. It is imperative that you stick to this hygiene plan after your breast surgery Yorkshire to avoid infections and complications.
Remember to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about any doubts that you may have prior to
your breast surgery Yorkshire. This will help you be fully informed about the surgery
procedure and how you need to care for yourself to get optimum results. Cosmetic surgery is a life-changing experience. Do your best to ensure that your life is changed for the better just you wish.

Brides Spending More on Cosmetic Procedures

It has been reported that brides today are spending more on cosmetic surgery and treatments to look great, than on their wedding dress for the bog day.

Latest studies show that one in ten women spend money on at least one cosmetic surgery or non-intrusive treatment during the days leading up to their wedding day. Botox treatment tops the non-intrusive treatments list, while the “boob job” or breast augmentation remains the most popular surgical procedure. Some leading cosmetic clinics state that their clientele consists of at least 30% women who are brides-to-be.

Experts say that while it is possible to make a relatively inexpensive dress look great by accessorising it right, hiding bad skin or teeth is not that easy. Plus cosmetic procedures give a great confidence boost to new brides on their big day.

Some of the other popular treatments are dermal fillers and hand treatments. Liposuction remains popular amongst women as well.

Cosmetic Surgery? Here’s what you need to consider…

Cosmetic surgery is an area of plastic surgery that has seen immense increase in demand as a proven weapon to fight the effects of ageing and other aspects of your body that you may feel you are unhappy with. This article doesn’t serve to brief you on the “what’s what” of cosmetic surgery but more as an informative guide to what you should keep in mind when opting for cosmetic surgery.

It may seem tempting to jump on the bandwagon when you see the pretty faces and perfect bodies of celebrities and maybe even your friends and peers. Do NOT do so blindly. Leading cosmetic surgeons in Yorkshire urge the importance of knowing exactly what you are signing up for when it comes to cosmetic surgery. We cannot emphasize on this enough – DO NOT BE LED BY PEER PRESSURE. OPT FOR COSMETIC SURGERY ONLY IF YOU ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE PROCESS AND ARE 100% COMFORTABLE AND READY FOR IT.

We have spoken to a number of leading Yorkshire based cosmetic surgeons in compiling this article in order to answer a few basic doubts you may have prior to choosing cosmetic surgery to alter your life for the better.

Finding a surgeon

Step number one, after you have decided that you require cosmetic surgery is to find a suitable surgeon. Seek a referral from your General Practitioner (GP). GPs have a sound knowledge of the specialists in your region and will be in the best position to choose one most appropriate for you. They can also make sure any important information on your medical condition is passed to the surgeon and help care for you if you have any problems or need advice after the procedure. Besides, you will be very comfortable in working with a surgeon who comes recommended by your GP. Do not be distracted by advertisements and prices alone because if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Members of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are plastic surgeons who are on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) Specialist Register.

Checking if your cosmetic surgeon is properly qualified

Following your GP’s advice you can also look up GMC’s register as all specialists are registered with the GMC. Also, when you speaking to the cosmetic surgeon, feel free to ask him/her about the qualifications, experience, before & after photographs of surgeries done by them etc. Do not refrain from this as you feel they may be offended by such questions. No respectable surgeon minds being asked about his or her qualifications or experience. There’s also a guide by the Independent Healthcare Association, which outlines the standards cosmetic surgeons should meet.

Questions to ask your Yorkshire based Cosmetic Surgeon

§  Are the results you hope to see realistic?

  • Are there any areas of your medical history that may impact the forthcoming cosmetic surgery? Your GP too can shed light in this area
  • What will happen during the surgery process and what anaesthetic will be used?
  • How long is the down time? How long will you have to remain in the hospital as well as how long will you have to keep away from your day-to-day activities
  • Will there be any pain or any stitches and how long is the recovery time?
  • How long will the results last?
  • How much will the procedure cost and also does this cost involve after care as well?
  • What are the potential risks related to the cosmetic surgery that you seek to undergo?

This definitive guide helps you ensure that the cosmetic surgery you undergo will bring forth the best results whilst guaranteeing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you were treated by the best Cosmetic Surgeon, Yorkshire has to offer.

Choosing a Suitable Cosmetic Surgeon

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when shopping around for a cosmetic surgeon as it is imperative that you consult the best to get the desired results.

1. Area of Specialty

Plastic surgeons are generally specialised in different branches of plastic surgery, such as cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. While cosmetic surgery deals with all kinds of aesthetic plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery deals with cases such as burns, birth deformities, injuries caused by accidents and other mishaps, congenital deformities etc. Make your choice depending on your need.

2. Surgeon’s Credibility and Certification

Speak to a few people who have undergone cosmetic surgery with the surgeon you’ve shortlisted. Since cosmetic surgery requires extensive knowledge and skill along with a sense of aesthetics, credibility is of the utmost importance. It’s also essential to verify the cosmetic surgeons credentials and certifications by looking him/her up on the directory of British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS).

3. Implementation of Best Practices

When going in for a surgical procedure, hygiene and protocol are aspects that you cannot afford to ignore. Have a good look at the surgeon’s clinic or hospital and the equipment that’s in use. Does the place seem state of the art? Do they maintain high levels of cleanliness? These are questions you need to seek answers for. Also, speak to the surgeon and find out the exact details of the surgery. As a patient, it is your right to know. Ensure you have all your clarifications cleared, especially details pertaining of risks of undergoing the particular cosmetic surgery in question.

4. Frequency

Do not hesitate to ask your surgeon about his past experience of the particular cosmetic surgery you’ve opted for. Ask him/her how long they’ve been practicing for, how many times they’ve performed the type of surgery that you are interested in and also ask to look at before & after photographs. If the surgeon seems to have performed a popular type of cosmetic surgery, a few months back, that’s your sign to get out of there!

5. Cost

Cosmetic surgery can be expensive and it is important that you get value for money. However do not be tempted by offers that seem too good to be true and also bundled offers that may tempt you into opting for a surgery that you don’t really need just because the surgery you are after is offered at a discount!

6. Comfort

This is another important factor as you need to be absolutely comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon as he/she will be operating on you. Also they should be the type who fully understands your concerns and is more than happy to take the extra effort to put your mind at ease and ensure an experience that’s as pleasant as possible.

Decided on Liposuction? Here are some post-surgery pointers!

Similar to most cosmetic surgery procedures, Liposuction is performed as an out-patient procedure, allowing you to go home on the same day. However, the recovery process is another ball game and may take a significant amount of time and care. It is imperative that you take into account this recovery period prior to opting for Liposuction surgery.

Initial Recovery Period

Initial recovery following Liposuction may vary from 1-7 days depending on the individual, area that underwent treatment, size of the treated area and how well the Cosmetic Surgeon’s after-care instructions were adhered to.

During this period, you may experience a significant amount of discomfort, which is typically controllable by taking the prescribed medication. A compression garment will have to be worn after the surgery, on the treated area as it helps to heal into the desired contour. In addition to this the patient may also wear compression stockings to help reduce risk of vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Serious Complications – What to watch out for?

Although no concrete figures are available for the frequency of serious complications occurring following Liposuction, estimates go as high as 1 in 1,000 patients dying in worst case scenarios. Always keep a watchful eye for the following signs to avoid serious complications.

  • Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Inability to catch breath or rapid breathing

If any of the symptoms are observed, it is in your best interests to contact the surgeon’s office immediately. In the event the surgeon is unreachable, going into an emergency room is the next best option.

Complete Recovery

Upon returning to work, avoiding strenuous activity for a period of 4-6 weeks is important. This period may vary depending on the surgeon’s instructions, because it may vary depending on the treatment as well as personal recovery rate.

By the time you return to work, results will begin to appear. This will continue until the final results are experienced by 3-6 months.

Prior to opting for Liposuction, always ensure you shop around for the best possible surgeon and ensure you do not rush in for treatment based on impulse. A fully thought out decision will ensure you remain satisfied for life.

What you need to ask your Cosmetic Surgeon

Once you’ve done your homework and selected a suitable cosmetic surgeon in your locality, here are a few questions that you have to ask him before going in for surgery. The answers to these will help you get comfortable with the whole process and also get the best results.

  •  Am I a suitable candidate for the surgery? Are there any non-invasive cosmetic treatments that may suit me better?
  • What results can I hope to achieve? Are my expectations realistic?
  • Does my medical history have any impact on the surgery? Will you be liaising with my GP?
  • What is the surgery process like?
  • What anaesthetics will be used?
  • How long will I have to remain in hospital after the surgery?
  • What is the overall downtime?
  • What day-to-day activities do I have to refrain from?
  • Will I experience any pain or discomfort? Will the surgeon provide any after-care medication?
  • What do I need to keep in mind when I’m at home after surgery?
  • How long will the results last?
  • What is the total cost of the surgery? Does it include aftercare treatment and medication as well?
  • What are the potential risks related to the particular cosmetic surgery that I am about to undergo?